Mission Critical + Data Centers

When the cloud is a building and intelligence is artificial

AG&E is at the forefront of data center and mission-critical design, and is the largest data center structural engineer in the United States. With more than 500 data center projects completed, we have a stronghold on helping create some of the most complex building programs imaginable.

While these facilities offer ultramodern security, we are focused on their specialized infrastructures that are built to withstand the worst disasters imaginable. With numerous confidential data centers on the boards at any time, we go to great lengths to prevent any disclosure of project details – our clients’ privacy is a top concern.

Between the ever-expanding cloud and the prevalence of AI, the speed in which data centers are designed and constructed is increasingly paramount. Many of our data center developer clients are using our integrated structural services to accelerate project delivery by moving precast, prestressed concrete design and structural steel design out of the critical path.

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