The intersection of structural engineering, architecture, and technology.

At AG&E, we are strategic thinkers and aggressive listeners.  We deliver fast paced solutions to complex architectural and technical issues on large, mega projects. We endeavor to not just solve problems, but make sure we are solving the right problems.

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Who We Are

We approach every project with an open mind of exploration and experimentation. That is what fuels our desire to innovate and to think outside the box.

We see ourselves as strategic problem solvers who work relentlessly for the success of each of our clients – providing structural services for projects of all sizes across the United States, both public and private. We provide responsive structural designs that enable the architectural vision and engineering complexity.

integrated structural services

Early integration of the structural design concepts and complementary structural services provides the developers and owners with a shorter construction timeline and allows facilities and buildings to generate revenue sooner.

Traditionally, parking planning, structural design, vibration consulting, blast engineering, specialty precast design, and steel detailing have been performed in a vacuum by separate companies and specialty consultants. AG&E is one of the largest structural engineering companies in the United States that combines all of these services under one umbrella. Integration of these specialties during the design phase gives contractors better pricing information earlier. For the developers and owners, integration means less cash outlay and quicker returns on investment.

AG&E’s integration of structural services benefits the entire design team with fewer shop drawing approvals and RFIs and eliminates the traditional extra steps necessary for coordination between the Engineer of Record for the building and those associated with various specialties.

Our Services + Structural Technologies
and Research Science

Delivering structural solutions that are efficient and sustainable while honoring architectural aesthetics and expression.

Providing practical connection designs and fabrication drawings for steel fabricators, contractors, developers, and owners as part of our integrated structural services.

Providing specialty precast engineering services for the design of precast, prestressed concrete structures for manufacturers, contractors, developers, and owners as part of our integrated structural services.

Embracing the newest design technology advancements, we utilize computational design, parametric modeling, AI, generative design, video game engines, and other tools in the 3D technology space.

Providing engineering services in the areas of blast-resistant design, calculating blast and fragment effects, and hazard mitigation.

Delivering sustainable, functional, and cost-effective parking facilities centered around vehicular traffic flow and access to the building.

Providing structural dynamics analysis and design including on-site vibration measurement and data analysis capabilities, design of vibration mitigation systems, and seismic base isolation systems.

A Look at our Work

Success Stories

…the resolution of unknown geotechnical factors impacting the western and southern grade beam perimeters was resolved seamlessly.

Healthcare Project Client
New Mexico

The team was highly responsive throughout, always willing to work within the constraints of a tight schedule to provide information, sketches, revisions, etc. in a timely manner. This is always critical, especially during construction when design team guidance may be needed quickly to avoid schedule delays. AG&E was always willing to go above and beyond in these situations.

Higher Education Project Client

They were the ultimate team players and were always willing to offer up solutions that would benefit the overall architectural design. They also went above and beyond in coordinating with the mechanical engineers, plumbing engineers, geotechnical engineers, etc. to achieve a successful and well-coordinated project.

Higher Education Project Client

Our team…thoroughly enjoyed working with AG&E, and the success of our past projects is a testament to the high quality of their work. We will certainly hire them for future projects, and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a structural firm that will bring professionalism, hard work, and innovation to a project team.

Higher Education Project Client

They have extensive experience working on projects which involve highly complex geometry, custom built-up shapes, custom connections, exposed steel, etc.

Material Fabricator/Manufacturer

The collaboration offered when AG&E and we team up is a high-level coordination that allows opportunities to capture cost saving, safety aspects and streamlining the process to ensure the best possible project results with the end-user in mind. We highly recommend AG&E with their forward-thinking approach.

Material Fabricator/Manufacturer

AG&E…stays at the forefront of technology, and is always reinventing their process to ensure the most optimized and error free project delivery method possible.

Material Fabricator/Manufacturer
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