Anna C. Procter rejoins AG&E Structural Engenuity

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Based in our Downtown Dallas Office, Anna is back at AG&E as Senior Associate | Business Development.

In her business development role, Anna combines enthusiasm and strategy with an extensive network of professionals in real estate, development, architecture, engineering, and construction. She will work with our leaders to further develop client relationships in the region.

"Anna is an inspiring person who through the sheer force of her personality brings people out of their shells. She inspires trust. It is wonderful to have her back. AG&E is a better place with her," said Sanjay Agrawal, PE, SE, President and CEO of AG&E.

Anna participates in multiple non-profit and volunteer organizations, both in and out of the industry. Anna is known to foster rescue dogs with Dallas DogRRR and is active in The Real Estate Council, ULI North Texas, and AIA Dallas.

"Anna's proven track record of developing strong relationships will bolster our local and statewide presence," said Al Baysek, PE, SE, Executive Principal and CSO. "Anna's insights into AEC marketplace will inform our strategic thinking as we adapt our strategic vision to an ever-changing business environment."

Born and raised in East Dallas, Texas, Anna is a fan of lively banter, the outdoors and exploring her hometown and beyond.

Meet Anna C. Procter

Best Part of the Job

The best part of business development for Anna is the people. She has the unique honor celebrating and amplifying our team to the industry. She ensures the amazing things AG&E is capable of are shouted from the rooftops.

Favorite Vacation

Anna's favorite vacation is any vacation! But if she had to pick only one, she would choose the 3-week road trip she took in May 2021. With her pup in tow, they traveled over 6,000 miles, through 9 states, and stayed in 14 cities. While Ann's heart belongs to the Pacific cost, exploring the wonders of the Western United States has only made her want to do the same throughout the west of the country.


Anna's talented colleagues and friends in development, design, and construction inspire her continually. Whether it is the vision of a future place, a moment experienced just how it was intended, personal artistic pursuits, community focus & philanthropy, technical brilliance, or the insanely strategic thinkers, she is fortunate to be surrounded by wonderfully interesting people. She learns from them constantly and becomes better by just being in their orbit.

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